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Ash Cave Sweetheart's Hike

Sweethearts Hike

February 10, 2018                              5-7 PM

Meet at the Ash Cave parking lot.  Take your sweetheart for a romantic stroll to Ash Cave in the soft light of dusk.  Afterwards, enjoy a cozy fire and refreshments.            


Take a hike with someone you like. Find a date and take a stroll through Ash Cave at Hocking Hills State Park. Enjoy holding hands at the campfire. Take a short hike around the cave and whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears. It is a great icebreaker for your first date. It's something new for those who have been married longer than they can count on fingers and toes.

Ash Cave - Off State Route 56 - About an hour and fifteen minutes from Columbus.


heart of hocking

Ash CaveFor those who haven't  the faintest idea of what to give their sweetheart on Valentine's day, you just might want to make a stop at Hocking Hills State Park for this special event.  

There's a leisurely stroll led by Ohio State Park Naturalist Pat Quackenbush along the 1/4 mile trail back to the recess cave. The walk is informal with several short stops along the way. 

This takes about a half hour. Once at the recess cave, romantics can mingle around the campfire for a while, help themselves to free cookies and hot chocolate or simply enjoy holding hands. Just so you know. . . The hike isn't limited to spouses and dates! Folks have brought their kids, dogs and grandkids too! All are welcome. Dress warmly, it is chilly in Ohio in February