Hocking HillsRock Climbing and Rappelling

Ninety-nine acres of forest land have been set aside for rock climbing and rappelling in Hocking Hills State Forest (9,267 acres in Hocking County). The area is located on Big Pine Road which is one mile east of Conkle's Hollow.


Hocking State Forest

19275 State Route 374 Rockbridge, OH 43149-9749

1-740-385-4402 1-877-247-8733

A large parking area is within  walking distance of the rock climbing area

Hummingbird Hill

Private Companies if you don't have your gear:

Earth Water Rock Outdoor Adventures 740-664-5220 or 740-590-8232

Earth-Water-Rock specializes in Hocking Hills rock climbing, offering guided outings in the Hocking Forest near Logan, Ohio.  Long known for its rugged cliffs and beautiful scenery, this section of Southeastern Ohio is filled with lush forestland, enormous rock formations and stately hemlock trees that make up the backdrop for your climb, an experience that you'll never forget.

Hummingbird Hill

Hocking Hills State Forest Rock Climbing Area Map

Rock Climbing in Hocking HillsRock Climbing Brochure with map (pdf)

Parking Area and Rock Climbing Area 

General Rock Climbing  Safety:

Wear a helmet!
-Take a course if you have never climbed before. Leave an itinerary with someone you know.
-Know and practice self-rescue techniques.
-Carry extra food, water and clothing.
-Carry a headlamp, spare batteries and bulbs.
-Carry a first-aid kit and know how to use it.
-Use redundant anchor systems.
-Hocking State Forest is open to visitors one half-hour before sunrise until one-half hour after sunset. Please note that riding/hiking on bridle trails is not permitted after dark.
-Operation of motor vehicles is restricted to roads provided for such travel. Speed limit on state forest roads is 30 MPH unless otherwise posted. Vehicles may not be parked where traffic or access to division service roads or trails are obstructed. OAC 1501: 3-4 Motor Vehicles
-Horses may be ridden along forest roads or on designated bridle trails.
-Fires are not permitted expect in grills or fire rings provided, or in portable stoves. Fires must be attended to at all times.
-Trash must be disposed of in receptacles provided.
-Camping is only permitted on designated areas for such use. OAC 1501:3-3 Camping
-Hunting and fishing is permitted in most state forests as regulated by the Division of Wildlife. Shooting is prohibited within 400 feet of any building, facility, or recreation area and from or across any road or driveway. Discharge of any firearm is not permitted except during lawful hunting season.
-Public display or consumption of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited.
-Disturbance, defacement, or destruction of any property, material, natural feature, or vegetation is prohibited. Berries, nuts, and mushrooms may be gathered and removed except from posted areas.
-State forest boundaries are indicated with yellow blazes on the trees and/or posted signs.
-Other general rules for visitation are found at OAC 1501:3-2 Rules for Visitation