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Ash Cave

Frontier Trail Hike

To Be announced closer to event - usually Fall          

Explore the history of the Hocking Hills region with a walk back through time dramatized by costumed interpreters along Ash Cave trail. 

Frontier Trail Hike

Take a hike back in time . . . without the yawn of history lessons past. Take a hike back in time to learn about Ohio's history with hands-on action and guided interpretation. Great hike for kids and adults.

 Ash Cave - Off State Route 56

Time: 12 noon to 4 pm

Hummingbird Hill

This ain't your high school history class. Welcome to the new way to learn (ug, did we say "learn"?). . . Let's try it again. .  . Welcome to the new way to enjoy history.

It's a hike through history. It's a step back in time. Heck, it's the best hands on history we could find. But whatever you want to call it, we've got to say it's the funnest history lesson we've ever had here at Heart of Hocking.

Start at the Ash Cave parking lot and take a guided hike that leads to different settings in time from the present time to when Richard Roe, the Old Man of Old Man's Cave, roamed the region and then as far back as the early Native Americans.

The hike ends at the Ash Cave waterfall where hikers can continue back to the parking lot along the side rim trail.

Hike takes about 1hour. Distance 1 mile. Handicap Accessible.




Hummingbird Hill

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