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Vinton County Covered Bridge Tour - Travel the beautiful countryside and discover the past in some of Ohio's oldest bridges.

Covered Bridges




Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge

Built 1876 and relocated to the Vinton County Fairgrounds in 1966.

Covered Multiple Kingpost through truss

63 Feet, open to pedestrian traffic



Cox Covered Bridge

Cox Bridge

Covered Bridge over Brushy Fork Creek.
Queenpost through truss built by Diltz & Steele in 1884.
Open to pedestrian traffic only. Has a small picnic area.



Mount Olive

Mt Olive

Covered Queenpost through truss over Middle Fork Salt Creek. Built 1875 by G. W. Pilcher and now only open to foot traffic. 35 Feet in Length.



Ponn Bridge

The Ponn Covered Bridge is gone, burned in June of 2013. Arson was suspected.

Article in Vinton County Courier.
Ponn Covered Bridge

Covered Multiple Kingpost through truss over Raccoon Creek. Built 1874 by Martin McGrath & Lyman Wells - length 98.1 feet.



Arbaugh Covered Bridge

Arbaugh Covered Bridge

Timber multiple Kingpost with arches truss built over Raccoon Creek. Rebuilt. 111 Feet.




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