Cedar Falls - Hocking Hills State Park 

GPS Tracking: 39.417215,-82.525359

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls is one of the six major areas of Hocking Hills State Park - Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, Rock House, Conkle's Hollow, Cedar Falls and Cantwell Cliffs. Each of the park areas offers a unique experience for those who walk its paths. From hemlock-lined trails, to huge rock formation, waterfalls to rock bridges, guests to the park are sure to treasure their explorations for years to come. Rich in forested areas and natural wonders, there are over 25 miles of hiking trails in the Hocking Hills State Park system.


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The Look: At Cedar Falls, huge hemlocks, a waterfall that is picture-perfect andCedar Falls and Ash Cave craggy, beautiful cliffs bring folks back from year to year.

Interesting things to look for: One of the more popular trails is Cedar Falls. Visitors to the trail have said it is like stepping into an enchanted forest. Huge hemlocks, well-worn paths and rugged cliffs line much of the trail.

At one time, a grist mill was located at the top of the falls where a newly constructed bridge now stands. If you look closely at the stream from the bridge, you can see the remnants of the old mill.

Huge snapping turtles live deep in the pool beneath the waterfall. Watch just below the cliff edge, you may see them basking in the early morning sun.

heart of hockingl

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Pets must always be on a leash not more than 6 feet in length and directly under owner's supervision. In other words, you must be holding the dog with the leash. Please bring baggies to clean up your dog's feces. There are few or no trash cans in the park. There are cliff areas in all the parks, please use caution if you must take your pet or children.


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