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Hocking Hills Canoeing

Hocking Hills Canoeing


There's lots of river to discover just south of Columbus! Canoeing, kayaking, rafting are all a part of a Hocking Hills adventure. If there's water, folks will find a way to get wet in it. Whether you are traveling with the family or heading out for the highway alone, you can explore the wetter side of the region right here in the Hocking Hills.

If you want to rent a canoe:

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 Canoeing Hocking Hills

If you have your own Canoe: Access Areas -


Roadside Parking Parking Lot Pulloff Canoe Rentals Canoe Ramp Only Trailer/Cartop Ramp Restrooms Camping Picnic Area Water Food County
Miller Park in Lancaster off S.R. 33 and Sixth Avenue, access river left X                   Fairfield
Sensei Lake/Mahler Park in Lancaster off S.R. 793, access river right and left   X       X   X X   Fairfield
Horns Mill Road bridge at Horns Mill off S.R. 33, roadside access river right and left X                   Fairfield
Rockbridge Road bridge in Rockbridge, roadside access river left X                   Hocking
Hocking Valley Canoe Livery, Chieftain Drive northwest of Logan, access river left with permission X X X X   X   X X   Hocking
FALLS - Natural falls under the S.R. 664 bridge in Logan, portage river right or paddle best path                     Hocking
Kachelmach Park in Logan off S.R. 93, access river right   X           X     Hocking
S.R. 691 bridge/S.R. 33 southeast of Nelsonville, roadside pulloff river left   X                 Athens
DAM - on right side of island about 5-6 mils south of S.R. 691 in Nelsonville. River only flows over dam at high water. Take river left channel to avoid dam                     Athens
DAM - White's Mill Dam (broken) in Athens below the S.R. 56 bridge, portage river left                     Athens
S.R. 144 bridge south of Frost at the confluence of Frost Run and the Hocking River, roadside access river right X                   Athens
Athens Co. Rd. 58 off S.R. 50/7 in Coolville, access river left   X     X     X     Athens
River's Bend Park off S.R. 144 north of Hockingport, access river left with permission   X     X X X X X   Athens

Information provided by: ODNR.  Stream info may change.